Friday, October 22, 2021

AgChem Research and EPA GLP Services

AgChem Research and EPA GLP

QA Consulting and Testing, LLC provides services to the agrucultural chemical and crop protection industry. We have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in government agricultural research grants on behalf of our clients.

Our AgChem Research and GLP Services include:
  • Expert trial/study design
  • Data Interpretation
  • Project Oversight
  • Placing and monitoring field trials and lab studies
  • EPA GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Inspecting and Auditing
Our related testing services include:
  • Product compatibility and stability testing
  • Container stress testing
  • Short and Long term phytotoxicity evaluation
  • Efficacy Testing
  • Custom special-case testing
The scope of our AgChem testing and consulting services encompasses:
  • Bio-pesticides (biochemical and microbial)
  • Chemical Pesticides
  • Nematicides
  • Non-target organisms (Honey Bees)
  • Insect pests
  • Plant and insect growth regulators
  • Adjuvants/Surfactants
  • Buffers/Acidifiers
  • Fertilizers and Soils
Call us now to discuss the ways we can meet your AgChem and GLP needs. (801) 372-7177


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